About Me

Thank you for taking the time to support my small business JuneBug Shop! I'm an actress, model, entrepreneur, singer, seamstress....and OBSESSED with fashion. I was born in June and generated the idea of starting this business in June of 2020. So it only felt fitting to name my boutique: JuneBug Shop. The spiritual meaning of June bug is balance and being grounded. But even though my logo isn't a June bug beetle, it's a butterfly which is even more symbolic and representative of the boutique. A butterfly is metamorphic. The spiritual meaning is rebirth, change, vibrant joy, endless potential, and the ability to experience the wonder of life. 

Fashion is a form of expressing yourself. Of showcasing your personality through art. Of expressing joy on a rainy day. Or showcasing darkness on a sunny day. You know why? Because that's your choice! "be who you want to bee!" The choice is completely up to you. You decide your style everyday. Whether your wardrobe is beautifully monotonous or if it's consistently evolving by how you feel each day, you get to make that decision and proudly flaunt it!

This online women's clothing and accessories boutique is ALL inclusive and intended for women of ALL ages, races, shapes, and sizes. JuneBug Shop is meant to spread joy and ignite confidence in ALL women! Love yourself. Because you are beautifully and wonderfully made. As a woman I support you and am beyond grateful for you supporting me. Us JuneBugs need to stick together!


Abigale Mitchell